My Healthy Eating While Travelling Guide

Michele Milan

For me I love planning my trips – mainly because I’m a control freak… But because I love to be prepared for what’s to come. For me this starts with FOOD and especially plane food. I can’t stand plane food, so I’ll typically prepare or buy some healthy snacks such as dried Apricot, raw Almond, Glow energy Balls, a protein nut bar or a simple apple (yes, you CAN take these on flights) to snack on!!

Other things I love planning consist of:

• Local gyms
• Local restaurants
• Sight seeing ventures that I can walk to (counts as exercise)

All of the above give me a sense of direction and a sense of understanding as to
what’s around during my stay. This helps me stay on track and sets me up for success while away. Of course, stumbling on incredible places is a part of
traveling so being super regimented and planning isn’t 100% a guarantee, but more of a backup plan.

The meal you eat the night before your flight is very important; your digestive system needs to have enough time to break it down efficiently before you jet-off.
A low carb meal eaten before 7pm is recommended so that you have a good night’s sleep and you’re re-energized before you board your flight.

Following on from the above, I LOVE being in routine so personally being away for me is challenging.. However, that doesn’t mean I give up on my goals!

Implementing little things like morning walks, exercising daily and eating at LEAST three main meals a day helps me at least feel mentally as though I’m in routine and allows me to stay healthy while away.

I love checking out local supermarkets and pick up some healthy snack options that I can eat in my hotel or on the go. That way I always get to discover healthy bites that aren’t available in my country of origin!!

We all know how much I love exercise and when I’m away I still like to incorporate exercise into my day as much as possible!

I find kickstarting my day with a nice sweat session really helps set up my day for success.. Especially if I’m away for work! If you can’t or want to have a rest from exercise, that’s totally fine too!
Being a tourist, sight seeing and walking places is a great way to build up steps and keep your body moving!

I strongly advise moving around and getting your blood flowing while travelling…

This all just adds to the feeling of being in routine!

If you didn’t know already, staying hydrated is SO important!!

Being hydrated helps to increase your energy levels, improve your digestion and support your body to function more efficiently. From flying to exploring new places, travelling can really dehydrate your body because your always on the move. Be sure to bring a reusable water bottle with you on your travels and drink 2-2.5 litres of water a day – otherwise you can end up feeling weak and fatigued…and you don’t want that when you’re travelling.

Lastly, and definitely most important… ENJOY yourself and enjoy your time
away.. If you want to have a couple of days without exercising or being super strict on your eating habits, do so! It’s important to mentally refresh while away travelling! Don’t forget.. It’s not the end of the world if you have a macaroon or 5 while away in Paris.. like I definitely will, life is all about balance!!

These are the exact tips I implement every single time I travel and they always
help me! Try them out on your next trip and be sure to let me know how you go via Instagram using the tags @deficalbym and #defythecalories.

I absolutely love hearing from you!

xoxo – Defical

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