Nassif Assurances is an independent insurance agency made up of exceptional, passionate people focused on protecting you from the unexpected.

Sebastien Nassif

With our team and our perfect service we managed to grow our portfolio and win several awards with Bupa Global

Aline Nassif

I love the human approach in my work, and the feeling I get as a result of an action contributing to saving a life is very rewarding.

Joyce Tabet
Head of Finance & Accounting

As financial manager, I supervise the finance and reporting function, coordinate and control the accounting operations in Lebanon, Europe and Africa

Laureine Tanios
Head of SME Portfolio

I am a reliable, motivated and a focused individual. I am committed to working hard

May Al Assaad
Head of Claims Department

My job requires patience and dedication, thankfully I have both.

Christine Hage
SME Account Officer

My aim is to work smoothly and efficiently in order to serve better and improve myself in this process.

Zeina Dib
Head of IPMI Portfolio

I enjoy my work, as I love to help people.

Maria Khoury
Customer Coordinator

I am highly motivated and a committed team player.

Elie Hazim

I often face challenges in providing solutions to employees’ issues, but so far succeeded in maintaining the “family environment” at the office which Nassif Assurances is known for.

Fabiolla Eid
Medical Underwriting

I love the working environment at Nassif Assurances because I feel it is my 2nd home and my employers my second family.

Mariam Dertorosian
Pricing Officer

I love my job so much that I am motivated to give in more in order to progress and be more successful.

Carla Aoun
Financial Officer

Accounting work is much more than debits and credits, especially when surrounded by respect and appreciation.